For purposes of this Ordinance, a vehicle shall be deemed a "commercial vehicle" if it has any one or more of the following characteristics:

1. It is or was designed or used for the transportation of persons for hire;

2. It is or was designed or used for compensation or profit;

3. It is or was designed or used for the transportation of property, materials, cargo, equipment or tools;

4. It has more than 4 wheels;

5. It weighs more than 12,000 pounds;

6. It is more than 9.5 feet high;

7. It is more than 21 feet long;

8. It is more than 7 feet wide;

9. It has tool, cargo or equipment racks or cages in the interior or on the exterior of the vehicle;

10. It contains commercial or business lettering, advertising or graphics;

11. It is registered as commercial, omnibus, limousine, livery, taxi, farmer, commuter van, or school vehcile; or

12. It has characteristics typical of commuter vans, food vending trucks, limousines, recreational vehicles, motor drawn vehicle, omnibuses, panel vans, pole trailers, road tractors, school buses, semi-trailers, taxicabs, tow trucks, trucks, or truck tractors. 

Vehicles that meet any of the above listed characteristics will not be eligible for residential permitting. 

For a full copy of the Ordinance and it's amendments, 

please contact the Township clerk's office at (201) 392-2024.